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The Not-so-many Perks of Being A Lesbian Wallflower – HER

Lesbian Wallflower

is actually a phrase I prefer to spell it out a lesbian loner. Usually, a femme/lipstick lesbian that’s slightly marginalized in the LGBT area (in other words. no-one knows the woman is a lesbian considering the woman femininity). She probably does not have a lot of homosexual pals possesses already been solitary for a long period. Does any of this ring a bell? Thanks for visiting the pub.

So just how does this take place? You will find 2 primary factors why you could end up being a lesbian wallflower:


For those who have long-hair, use lip stick, or like gowns… maybe you are a lesbian wallflower. One of the most significant explanations we fall victim for this label is because of the inculcation of lesbian stereotypes and exactly how we’re ‘supposed to look’. There can be a sizable part of today’s society that basics sex on look. Don’t be uncomfortable, all of us take action (you’re lying should you state that you do not). Appearance can also be among the first means lesbians attempt to pick out the gay girl from a crowd. Based on all of our stereotypes, a feminine lesbian is more probably be seen erroneously as a heterosexual lady because she doesn’t put on snapbacks and panel short pants on a regular basis.

Socializing (or insufficient).

Pretty much every lady looking over this can empathize with exactly how hard it could be to meet up with other lesbian ladies. Our options are fairly limited by homosexual nightclubs (if you should be fortunate enough for a gay world in your area) and online dating sites (

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, needless to say). If you don’t participate in any of the above tasks, you’ll likely continue to be as yet not known towards the lesbian neighborhood permanently *cue worldwide’s tiniest violin*.

The benefits.

One of the recommended benefits to be a lesbian wallflower is having the energy to select when also to whom you come out. Its just like being an undercover secret broker (D.E.B.S., anybody?)! There have been countless occasions when there is me in several individuals who come across a controversial gay legal rights discussion or two. I happily hear the viewpoints before I choose to drop the I’m-a-lesbian bomb and relish when you look at the assortment of reactions.

The not-so-perks.

As a lesbian wallflower, in the event that you


find a way to generate gay friends you might still feel omitted through the lez neighborhood. I am consistently rebuked the pleasure I take in ‘girly’ films like

He Is Simply Not That Towards You


Cruel Motives

. Ever Before have the discussion, ”



lesbians can’t stand those types of movies”? Well I say, by no means or kind should anyone ever before want to validate his / her intimate positioning for anyone otherwise.

In the event that you found yourself nodding in contract, or yelling “yaaas” in your thoughts whilst scanning this, understand that you may be definitely not alone. There are many tactics to over come everything as a lesbian wallflower. And I’ll be back to tell you a lot more in the future. Don’t be scared to put your self available socially, via

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or tumblr, you might satisfy additional homosexual gals as you!