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This page will be updated regularly when more information becomes available.

We invite you to spend your holidays at Kedros Villas with comfort and safety!

Following the health protocol guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, we have taken the following measures:

These protocols and measures are constantly being reviewed and adapted according to the latest information about COVID-19.

Kedros Villas has been awarded the “Health First” Certificate by the Greek Ministry of Tourism. This certificate indicates that we follow all recommended hygiene guidelines and protocols for your safety and peace of mind.
Information about travelling to Greece during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on Destination Greece Health First.


Renseignements utiles

Driving in Greece: a European or an international driving licence is required.
Le courant électrique en Grèce est 230V AC (50Hz).
Capitale de la Grèce: Athènes
Langue officielle: grec
Monnaie: Euro (€)
N° international d’appel téléphonique: +30
N° préfixe pour Naxos: 2285
Heure grecque: GMT+2
Le temps à Naxos